3 Ways Kala Has Improved The Ukulele Player Experience in 2016

2015 was a big year for us. We sold over 600,000 instruments, introduced the Kala Elite Series and refreshed the way that we approached our business. Placing that many instruments into the hands of ukulele players around the world is no small task — especially when your entire company is less than 50 employees.

Like any other small business, yesterday’s success brings tomorrow’s challenge. If 2015 was defined by its growth, 2016 will be defined by its retention. How do you keep all of those instruments tuned, played and enjoyed for years to come? For that, we’ve placed our focus on designing and implementing the ultimate ukulele player experience for all skills.

Beginner Friendly Education

We believe that the ukulele is the simplest way to enjoy and play music. With so many new players starting to play music for the very first time, we wanted to place emphasis on the foundational basics that will not only keep the sweet sounds coming from your ukulele but also make learning new techniques and songs easier as you progress.

To accomplish this, we partnered with YouTube celebrity and Kala Artist, Ukulenny, to create a simple, yet thorough, 10 lesson series. Due to launch later this month, each video walks you through the basic chord progressions that you’ll need to play the most popular ukulele songs. To sign up for this lesson plan, click here.

Tune Your Instrument Anywhere You Go

As silly as it sounds, sometimes you forget your tuner. Or lose it. Or your dog eats it along with your homework. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. In January, we launched the Kala Tuning App — the perfect tool for every level musician.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, the Kala Tuning App is gig and studio ready with its ultra responsive dial, large note display and minimalistic design.

Inspire the Next Generation of Ukulele Players

If there is one takeaway from last year that has personally stuck with me, it is that the ukulele not only offers a creative outlet for its players but is also a vehicle to happiness for its audience. With so many social platforms and mediums to deliver its sweet sounds, we wanted to provide an outlet for creative players to showcase their songs and the inspiration behind them.

We recently kicked off the Kala Artist Series on our Vimeo channel. With no ads and high quality video, the message of the songs is delivered in unique fashion to connect the audience with its creator. We’ve received tremendous feedback from our first three videos and are excited to extend the project’s catalog throughout the year.

We’re excited for everything in store for Kala players in 2016 and hope you are too! We’d love to hear your thoughts of how we can continue to improve the ukulele experience in the comment section below!

Nick Hernandez

Digital Marketer — Kala Brand Music Co.