Photography and the Ukulele

You can’t teach a photographer’s eye.

You can train lighting, the rule of thirds or any technique that is supposed to give a photographer the perfect picture, but that’s not always how it works. The eye of a photographer reflects a passion for imagery and a desire to share with the world what they see through the glass in the lens.

Photography is more than a form of media, it’s a sport where some are naturals at it, some grow into it, and some never fully understand it. Through photography, I’ve learned that no matter how much you’ve learned or how experienced you are, you should always have the desire to improve yourself.

There is something about those moments when the fog is rolling over the hillside just as the sun is rising, when traffic is bustling but everything seems quiet, or the lone person in a crowd inspires you as a photographer. The ability to compose all the elements into a single frame takes imagination and the desire to capture that lost moment in time.

Whenever I am given a subject, such as the versatile ukulele, it is important for me to create a photograph that incorporates all of the elements of a landscape, just applied to a singular subject. Having the opportunity to be a part of a company where music is a passion has challenged me to reflect on how to capture the passion of sound and translate it to an image. Finding new ways to show or portray Kala instruments in different elements, different lights, and different contexts has been an exciting new challenge that has made me a better photographer.

With how fast technology is improving, a photographer always needs to be practicing, trying new techniques (in both shooting and editing), checking out the latest and greatest in camera engineering, and never becoming complacent your wealth of knowledge or ability.

The most important thing as a photographer is to always improve, to always take on new challenges, and embrace new ideas and techniques.

Meghan Koester — Sales Support

Kala Brand Music Co.

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