Living in the unimaginable heat.
Knowing we can not accept defeat.

Eating cold meals while out on missions.
And learning how to truly follow your intuition.
Making memories and friends of a lifetime.
The good and the bad they are all mine.

Few as one percent can relate.
Waiting to roll out of that gate.
No longer scared, because that isn't an option.
Something inside you wants to break free and that's called adrenaline.

Staying on high alert.
Watching every movement and living out of comfort.
Going days without a shower.
Where the land has no grass or not even a flower.

A year long trip to the sandiest box
Will change you forever, no matter the locks.
I gained the best friends i could ever dream.
That will always be on my team

During my trip to a place called Iraq.
Where my buddies always had my back.
I learned to live without, and all about. 
A madness called life and how to be proud.

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