Gratitude Blog Day 7: On the Changing of the Seasons

Photo by Donnie Rosie

As the years go by, there are happy memories in my life I look back on that I sometimes wish I could freeze forever. Usually, they are memories that encapsulated the essence of something that we all seek: a moment of profound vulnerability and acceptance, the feeling of truly seeing someone and being seen, a moment of feeling a part of something bigger, a sense of family and community.

But inevitably, all of those moments pass. Friendships end, loved ones pass away, circumstances change. And each loss I feel as a vacancy in my heart: Although new cherished moments come in their place, the same space is never filled again. So there is a certain level of grief that I carry with me, always.

In reality though, when I really think about it — I think my sentimental brain is playing tricks on me. I mean, I’m not sure I really would want freeze those moments in time. Here’s the thing: although I’ve been privileged to know and lose many beautiful people, places, experiences, the new connections that have blossomed out of the vacant soil of the life I lost are beautiful too, in a completely different form. I get the feeling that my new life is exactly what I need right now, today, a reflection of who I am and where I’m at in my journey. And if I hadn’t been able to let go of my past, if I had clung to that which was trying to pass my by, I wouldn’t have found my way to where I am today: becoming more of who I want to be, gifted with the opportunity to grow into the next step of my journey in the company and support of those who are walking a parallel path with me.

Goodbyes are always hard, and change always frightening, but the seasons of our lives are here for a reason. Without the world in constant flux, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow, to learn, to travel to new places in our spiritual and earthbound journeys. So today I am grateful for all the seasons of my life, and the new growth and connection it continues to bring me every step of the way.