The Pre Lam Ko Ginagawa Ko Mentality.

Starting up a business is the most humbling experience one can do in a lifetime. You’ll quit your job, lose friends, spend more time alone, sleepless nights the list goes on and on. Yet, we are still here, and everyday, just like the afterthoughts and the worries, we are growing. We are StartUP.

Allow me to paraphrase a quote that has been used to quote freedom of religion — “Having a “Startup” is good to have, nice to flaunt, but don’t you ever fucking shove it on my throat”. I’ve seen a lot of arrogance lately in the community. Mostly from those who are just starting. It’s as if putting up a StartUP is now a badge or a status symbol. These guys will give you a thousand reasons not to listen to you, even when you say — Hey your idea might not work, try this!

Well, it’s OK not to listen to “noise”, but to say “No I don’t need your idea, I just want you to listen how brilliant mine is” is just plain stupidity on another level. As I said, businesses are born out of your concept, to be consumed by ALL, not by YOU alone. Because if it was, then congratulations, you just found your niche.

You seek intelligence for something you don’t have. We thirst for knowledge, and the moment we stop learning is the moment we wither away. Arrogance and relentlessness are two different things. One can get your crazy idea to become a multi million dollar business, and the other one will just send you to oblivion.

Believe it or not, the StartUP community in the Philippines has not even peaked yet, the Facebook Group StartUp PH even has about 15k members only out of 40M online Filipinos. It’s a very small community where people know people. And these people can praise you or destroy you with your dreams in an instant. But either way, you have to take it constructively. As the great Steve Jobs once said — “You can only connect the dots moving backward”. Let me tell you about my story.

My arrogance sent me and my family to bankrupcy. I believed so much in myself that, If I was able to create a multi million peso business, I can do so over and over again. I took my family members in the company they help built anyways, as board members. My eldest sister knowing my tendencies of recklessness hired an external General Manager, one who is older, and wiser than we all were. He is your typical theoretical guy with MBA, who would ask you for business proposals, let you do the 7 habits of Stephen Covey — well you get the point.

He took control of the company, and the CEO title, well, just became a title for me. He was able to convince my sisters and yes, even my wife that I needed to stop putting up other ventures. My arrogance took control, I berated my family, the General Manager, everyone. I kept on saying the words I now regret — I BUILT THIS COMPANY! I got fired from my own company the same day.

I built another company, under Mobile Lab Business Solutions Inc., but at that point I almost got no support from them, and I was all alone. Blinded by my arrogance, I spent all our savings building apps that got me nowhere. Unfortunately after about 2 years, that too shut down, and I lost everything that I have. Luckily, family stays as family, and they were all there to cry with me, and is continuously praying for me now as I start another journey.

You see, your attitude either blinds you or in my case save you from bankruptcy. Either way, what other people telling you, is something that you should ALWAYS consider. I’m am not saying that you should follow them as they might not see the same vision as you have, but, at least give yourself something to ponder on. Ask yourself, wait, why are they saying these things? Maybe, just maybe, I needed to listen. And yes, I should’ve listened.