No, don’t blame the Russians or Donald Trump. Not even CNN. The good citizens of the City of Kalamunda have been subjected to a fake news disinformation campaign conceived by master villains from the infamous Save Kalamunda Shire Action Group (SKSAG).

In recent advertisements placed in The Echo newspaper (22/7/17) and the Hills Gazette (28/7/17) the SKSAG falsely claims that one Councillor voted in favour of City status when in fact they voted against it. Further, the SKSAG claims that another two Councillors never voted in favour of City status when in fact each Councillor did so on two separate occasions.


In its advertisement (see above) the SKSAG targets those ‘Councillors who voted to become a City’ and includes in its hit-list of Councillors recommended for political assassination, Councillor Sue Bilich.

And here is SKSAG’s first problem.

The facts clearly contradict their lies.

Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held on the 27th February 2017 record four Councillors, including Cr Sue Bilich, voting against the motion to proceed with ‘making of the order for the change of status from a Shire to a City(see: http://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/files/37579f5c-d6f2-4c82-b279-a72f00c4989e/OCM-Minutes-27-February-2017.pdf ).

The evil villains at SKSAG would have known the voting record of Councillors on the issue of City status before placing their advertisement in The Echo newspaper. And yet they are completely untroubled by the fact that in their diabolical attempt to deceive the good citizens of the City of Kalamunda it is the truth that has become their first victim.


Apart from the OCM of the 27th February 2017, referred to above, there were three additional OCM’s between 2014 and 2017 when Councillors voted on the issue of City status, those being November 2016, April 2015 and March 2014.

The first occasion arose on the 24th March 2014 during the fight to defeat the former state government’s plan to forcibly amalgamate the then Shire of Kalamunda with the City of Belmont.

At its OCM of the 24th March 2014, Councillors unanimously agree to request ‘that the Governor, by order, change the designation of the Shire of Kalamunda to be the City of Kalamunda’ (see: http://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/files/5d24a493-13b3-47c6-b633-a2fa010771ad/OCM-Minutes-24-March-2014.pdf ).

The Minutes record the motion was carried unanimously AND, on page 4, that in attendance where Councillors John Giardina and Geoff Stallard.

The Minutes further record attendance and more specifically on page 4, that Councillors John Giardina and Geoff Stallard where in attendance at that meeting.

Again, the evidence proves rather inconvenient for the evil villains at the SKSAG. Whereas SKSAG lists in their advertisement Councillors John Giardina and Geoff Stallard amongst those ‘Councillors who never voted to become a City’, the Minutes of Council meetings (which have to be voted on and approved by Councillors themselves) contradict them.

Following the defeat of the state government’s attempt to forcibly amalgamate the then Shire of Kalamunda with the City of Belmont and more than twelve months after first considering the issue of City status, Councillors received a report (item 10.3.2) at their OCM of the 28th April 2015 recommending ‘Council to consider initiating the process to change the status of the Shire to a City and associated matters’ (see: http://www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/files/9132ea37-ed35-4320-8824-a48f00f5dfc6/OCM-Minutes-28-April-2015.pdf ).

For a second time Councillors voted unanimiously to initiate ‘the process to attain City status’ and once again the Minutes record (on page 4) that Councillors John Giardina and Geoff Stallard where in attendance.


All of which begs the obvious question, what might account for SKSAG’s propensity for throwing the truth overboard in the lead-up to Council elections?

Has SKSAG’s quest to politically assassinate Cr Bilich been influenced by Cr John Giardina who was originally a committee member of SKSAG?

Has Cr John Giardina, who has recently boasted to City staff and Councillors that he intends to campaign against several of his fellow councillors in the forthcoming Council elections, contributed financially towards the cost of placing SKSAG’s expensive advertisements in the local papers?

Has Cr John Giardina, who recently lost a defamation case against Cr Bilich, provided SKSAG with misinformation regarding the voting histories of Councillors on the issue of City status?

Their lies exposed, it will be interesting to see how SKSAG explains its attempt to mislead residents of the City.

By Frank Lindsey