Waianuenue,Hilo,Hawaii. Credit:myself

Meandering on a pebbly, driftwoody sliver of warm, sandy beach, palm trees and underbrush lining one side, mildly lapping hypnotic waves to the other side, bright tropical sun high in the sky radiating through distant, scattered cottonball clouds. Aimless yet drawn to a clearing of the foliage ahead, stepping softly across the uneven sandy landscape. The clearing reveals widespread compressed banks in the sand, but only a trickle of a mumbling brook lying low between the banks. Curious.

Pressing on, ducking through the clearing reveals a still, quiet, dappled in shade, tiny, shallow brackish pond. Odd. Something amiss. The landscape looks like there’s usually more water. Water trickling so slowly, almost stagnant. Turning back, there’s a little stick in the flow gathering sediment. Get it out of the way. That’s better.

Resuming discovery, treading carefully on uneven, rooted, rocky stream bank, onward, upstream. Wingbeats, songs, alarm calls of birds through the trees and brush. Complaining, cackling, chirping, critters scurrying through the grass and leaf litter. Hoofbeats, deer?

Another clearing, more water, bigger pond, still timid, not efficient. Behind and below, a small rock in the flow gathered debris. Grab it, toss it to the side. There.

Traveling around the clearing, the pond, marvel at the glory of nature: the palette of colors, the dynamic hushed sounds, the willow wisps of wind against skin, congruent, calm, alive.

Elevation increased, hardier hiking, canopy taller, tighter, fuller, cooler ambient air, climbing up the side of a softly splashing waterfall. Looks like it has more room than it’s using. Crest the falls, a river. A fallen log across the waterway, been there for a while. Pull this old, dead branch, pivot the log out of the way. Wow! That’s a lot of water. Ok.

Climbing, foliage changing, pause, deer in the meadow, grazing, stepping quietly, ears, tails twitching, unconcerned with the calmly observant stranger in the shadows. Eyes meet, acknowledgement. Slow, tender steps, continuing discovery.

Changed environment, cooler, mossy, abundantly thick permeating, sweet/savory, earthy inscence. Close to the top, a small clearing, tender, tiny, deep, clear pond. Ahead, mossy pile of dark, wet boulders, a little, dark cave at waterline, the source, a spring. Stepping cautiously into the water toward the source, ducking in the cave, sounds of dripping reverbrating in the darkness. A boulder below the waterline, nice seat. Turn, sit, semi weightless, cool, clear, fresh water to my chin, looking out of the cave’s darkness observing the water proceeding, flowing ever so slowly downstream. Deep breath.

The spring, the boulders, the water, the forest, the mountain, the life, the energy, flowing, emanating, radiating outward from the source. Increasing flow, health, vitality simply by removing blockages. Breathe.

Gratitude. Breathe.


In sum: It is not your responsibility to check on the progress of the stream you helped clear. The stream will heal itself with flow.

Make no mistake: Enjoy the walk, the discovery, the adventure, the cave, the flow, the energy, the source, for all that is what you are.

me ke aloha pumehana

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