Where I can buy solar panels at wholesale prices?

Solar panels or photo-voltaic (PV) panels is the first step in converting the sun’s energy to electric current. These panels together with other essentials parts of a residential solar system are complicated but not complicated enough to prevent DIY’ers from tinkering with them. If you are price conscious and intend to buy panels yourself for building your own system in a off-grid or grid-tied application then continue reading my list of online wholesalers of solar panels in the USA.

A starting point would be chains like Costco, Home Depot and Lowes. They will sell you panels but its often bundled with other parts and its expensive. If you want to find bargains I would look elsewhere. You can also search on eBay or Craigslist and you may be lucky to find a good deal or two. The third option is to find specialist wholesalers and I’ve made a list for you to use.

These are the solar specialists I found online that are selling solar panels to consumers. Together they sell a wide variety of brands from most manufacturers. Some of them sell on pallets at a lower price but most of them will send individual panels so that you can size your solar system to your needs.

Wholesale solar


Civic solar

US Solar Distributing

Sun Electronics

AEE Express

Inter Island Solar Supply (Hawaii)

Fortune Energy

The list is in no particular order. Some of the companies sell others things than solar panels but I thought that having a collection of links for solar panels is a good start for price comparison.

Remember that when you do a comparison that lowest panel price or lowest price per Watt may not be number you should use. The manufacturers guarantee in years may not either be what you should pay most attention to as most of them will offer 20 or 25 years. The thing that I think you should compare is how many Watts can you expect to generate from the panel over its lifespan for the lowest price. The best analogy I can think of is a car and its mileage. By considering a car as a tool for transportation only you should buy the car that will take you the furthest for the lowest price. Figuring out the mileage you can expect for a solar panel is a problem on its own though.

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