Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

Thank you special cloth for stating it as it is. So f….. what if a man’s wife is ‘white’? Before she was white she was a human being. The way our cultures have regurgitated the stupid human dichotomies that a pathology created will be our downfall. The mob justice methods enabled by social media serve no purpose other than to crush the soul of an individual. Suddenly the mob is jury, judge and inevitably executioner. The generate a frenzy that satisfies nothing other than a moment, and another human beings guts are splattered to their satisfaction. There is no dignity and honor in the crushing of another human soul on the basis of spurious information. We outsource our pathologies even if it means the denial of love. A man marries a woman of another race and suddenly that is a problem? Really? The mob has judged it so? That is sick racism right there. Big, bold and blatant. And it needs to be plucked out at its roots. However it is named. What a shame. How immature.

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