Trump-Free 2016:

TL;DR: Don’t click any links to articles referencing Trump this January. Let’s see what happens.

Here’s a non-partisan suggestion for sane people interested in sane news coverage:

If you

  • support Hillary or Bernie or Jeb! or Rubio or Cruz/Carson/Kasich/Christie/Carly, or someone else
  • or are apathetic about politics (or just sick of the coverage this season)
  • or can’t vote (esp. if that’s because you’re an immigrant or an onlooker from outside the US)

then you’re part of the quieter majority of humans who would be way better off if The Donald were receiving less media coverage.

Sure, you might

  • enjoy complaining about him or poking fun at him with your friends and want fodder
  • or be genuinely scared and read about him the way a kid checks under his or her bed for monsters
  • or be addicted or mesmerized so you can’t stop watching no matter how gross things get (like a surgery show)…

Yet probably you—like me—have at some point lamented that “the media” gives Trump so much air time. As if they’re forcing this on us. But it’s our fault: we, the audience, create the incentives that allow this airwave monopolization to continue.

So let’s just stop. Let’s quit together. There’s probably little way to impact Fox, but if a few million people just refrained from clicking Trump links on (for example) the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, then those papers of record will notice a shift in demand and they’ll adjust supply accordingly. And we’ll get more of the coverage we want and he’ll get less of the coverage he craves but probably doesn’t deserve.

We can make the world a little smidge better. And we don’t have to do anything. We just have to not do something. And tell our friends not to do it either! Don’t click Trump links this January. Let’s make American politics tolerable again!