Dear straight white girls: acknowledge your privileges before you hashtag #feminist on your…
Sara Roebuck

More NONSENSE and HYPOCRISY from the “Liberal Democrats”, you know, the ones that Own Hollywood and all of the media. For all of the women of Color, that believe that it’;s up to White females to carry your weight or feel guilty for not doing so. Either carry your own weight or point your finger at the ones who are responsible for what you believe White females are Guilty of.

Why dont Women of Color and White females who believe that they are Guilty of ?, march to the DNC and Hollywood and SHAME them. Your’e the ones that Vote them into office. They have the influence to persuade Hollywood and the media to Use more women of color in every capacity of the industry. Why not SHAME the Democrats into making pay more equal, which would be better for everyone. But Women of Color WONT, because that would take a lot of work, the biggest hurdle of all confronting …Hypocrisy.

Rather than attempting what can be changed. It is far easier to Shame White females for having White Skin? something they can not change . Just like Women of Color can not change theirs. So everyone would feel better about themselves if White females became Guilt ridden about their White privilege..Skin color. And no one sees the Hypocrisy and the Dangers of this.

Rather than SHAMING the ones who actually have power and influence, Women of color want to Shame white females that have NO influence and power to exact real change, but only may have Empathy for ALL females. So a white female has 3 choices. Either become so guilt ridden that she hands over ALL reason to the ones that are benefiting from Race, Gender and Hypocrisy, Liberal democrats who OWN Hollywood.She can become so frustrated and put off for being scapegoated , that she may go the opposite of the former. And lastly she can just abandon any and all empathy that she had Any and all 3, helps no one, except those that benefit from driving away sane and empathetic females.

I know this is about what females have to face , both White and Women of Color. But, as an Asian Male. I know the type of “relationship” Liberal Democrats and the Hollywood/Media have. If Asian Males were to “change” who they are, and play a More of a “Minority”. Then Asian Males would be more “Accepted” by the Liberal Democrats. Just like if white females , felt More shame and guilt, that is “change”,they too would be More accepted by Women of Color.

This is how Race, Gender, Inequality and Hypocrisy is perpetuated. The ones that are responsible , are never held accountable or even Named.

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