At KaleKam, we’re Making Eating Healthy into a Mobile Game (Media Kit)

Hey friends,

It’s with great pleasure that we’re releasing KaleKam to the public! We’ve covered the basics of what we’re doing throughout this press release, but please don’t hesitate from reaching out with more questions or ideas!

We’ve poured tons of love and care into our product, and we’re excited to take the next steps on our mission to fix the American diet.

Sebastián & Abhinav

KaleKam is available for free on the US iOS App Store here (link)
We’ve included links to our image assets at the bottom of this media kit

What is it?

KaleKam is a social health app powered by artificial intelligence. Users challenge friends to eat healthy together, and use group challenges for motivation and accountability. To earn points, users take a picture of their food. KaleKam’s image recognition algorithm will award points based on how healthy they’re eating.

Food recognition in action

Just Take Food Photo: KaleKam uses artificial intelligence to figure out what’s on your plate. In addition to the food picture, we’ll take into account what you’ve eaten in the past, what people eat around this time (eg. 9am means breakfast), and menus from nearby restaurants.

Stay Accountable: Social challenges encourage friends to keep each other accountable. We’ve carefully designed KaleKam to be a pressure-free zone to share with peers and learn from them.

Fun Comes First: KaleKam is a game that makes you develop healthier habits as a side effect. One source of inspiration has been Pokemon Go, which got some of our friends to walk dozens of miles daily just to advance in the game.

No Calorie Counting Required: KaleKam focuses on encouraging users to eat higher quality food, without worrying about portion control or tedious calorie counting. After talking to dozens of experts, we learned that nutritionists help clients reach long-term health improvements by focusing on what they eat, not how much. While the app store has hundreds of calorie counters, very few nutritionists actually use these in practice.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence: Powerful technologies like Deep Learning power KaleKam’s artificial intelligence. We’re using cutting edge machine learning techniques to figure out what’s on your plate.

Game Rules: Players win by earning the most health points before time runs out. You can earn up to 100 health points with ever food photo, based on how healthy you’re eating. Each challenge includes a leaderboard and group chat for communication.

Key Details

Official Launch — We’re releasing KaleKam on January 4th, right on time for the New Years’ resolutions period.

Free on iOS App Store — Available for free in the US iPhone App Store. More countries and Android coming soon!

Leaderboards — Find out how your diet stacks up against friends and other users in our community.

Group Chat — Encourage friends. Share health tips. Talk trash. Easily communicate with friends going through the health transformation with you.

Visual Diary — Browse through your past meals in photos. You’ll be amazed by the patterns in your diet you’ve been missing this whole time.

Inspirational Community — Find out what real people eat in their everyday diets. Be inspired and learn from users that have made their food journals public.

About Us

  • Our mission: To fix the American diet
  • Based in sunny Berkeley, CA — just outside Silicon Valley
  • 2 person company — no employees besides the founders
  • Been around since December 2015
  • Pivoted to free consumer app in August 2016

About The Founders: Sebastián León and Abhinav Vadrevu met 3 years ago during orientation on their first day at Twitter. The idea behind KaleKam came from seeing friends struggle with existing food logging apps, yet these same friends constantly post food photos on social media. They realized that they could unlock this dietary data with artificial intelligence, and set off on their mission to fix the American diet.

The founders; Abhinav (left) and Sebastian (right)

Sebastián León studied Computer Science at MIT, where he focused on artificial intelligence and computer vision. He hails from Ecuador and is 24 years old. Previously, he worked on large-scale machine learning systems at Twitter in the Advanced Analytics team, as well as the FireChat peer-to-peer messaging app.

Abhinav Vadrevu studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He is from Malaysia and is 23 years old. Previously, he worked on data infrastructure at Twitter, where he designed a system that supported a $100M business.


KaleKam for iOS

Available for Free in the US App Store: Download Link

Press Kit & Media Assets

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