Happy Happy…

Some days just happen to be so right, so good!


Sometimes ‘Dressing Up' just makes me fall in love with myself. That’s what happened again that morning. The perfect start!

Then I left for my aunt’s place for a family function. Usually I get bored of such get togethers. Because the conversations are often awkward and difficult when the 'generation gap' comes in between. But that day I met an old lady there, for the first time. She must be 80+. But she is so active! From our conversation I understood that her husband had a transferable job, and so time to time they moved from a city to another. She has seen the world! And no wonder, she is so updated!

Her granddaughter — newly married, but brave, smart and hard working businessperson, was the host of the function. She was managing well as a host. And that sweet old lady was so proud of her! Though she appreciated her granddaughter’s business skills and boldness, she insisted her to be good enough at household tasks being the responsible family member.

According to my obswrvation, often these old people fail to understand the new trends, for obvious reasons. They simply resist and oppose the changes and reach to verdict before weighing the situation on the practical scale. Else, to the other extreme, they simply support you, pamper you, sometimes ignore your mistakes out of shear love for you. I always thought it was so difficult to be relevant to the current times, to be open minded! But that sweet old lady is! And that just made me feel so good. But she made sure (this is something I read here on Medium some time back) —

Being open-minded does not mean “anything goes” or that all things are equal. Being open-minded means weighing the facts before reaching a verdict.


The day started with the visit to my friend’s place, to congratulate her on achieving the important milestone of her life — Chartered Accountancy! She loved the handbag I presented her. ☺

Our families know each other for years now. It’s just like home. That afternoon, we recollected all our family tours since childhood. All those tours would not have been the same if she was not there. We always had the best time! And again, it felt so good with her. And then, the world’s best Pav-Bhaji by aunt — the cherry on the top! 😍

Now comes the highlight of the day — The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival! Amazing experience. So much of energy, so much of enthusiasm, so many colours. I was so happy that I could attend the classical dance performances, one of the things I love the most. And I believed what I had once read —

The world is grand and amazing, and there’s actually a lot to be impressed with when you allow yourself to be taken away with the brilliance of it all. More is everywhere we look, but we’re too busy looking for something better to truly appreciate it.

That day I roamed around freely and confidently in Mumbai. I met new people and I was comfortable with them. That was an achievement for me. I was so happy. And when you are truly happy, it reflects in your smile. That smile is different, recognisable, special! I was about to drop this plan one night earlier. I am glad I didn’t. I am glad my friends insisted me to accompany. One more learning for the weekend —

People make a plan work, a plan alone seldom makes people work.

I have so much to take away from this weekend. Some days just happen to be so right, so good! Isn’t it? 😇