The World Is So So Small…

So the first week of job is successfully complete! I had thought that the first day was going to be just like 'the first day at school’!! New place, new desk, new rules, new environment and most importantly new people!! But to my surprise, apparently I know many people at my workplace. Some or the other way. There is some common thread with them!! ☺

The boy sitting on the desk to my right was there in the GATE classes with me. I did not even know. But he remembered!

Another boy in my department was in my Junior College. But, I don’t remember ever seeing him on the campus. Probably even he has no idea regarding this!!

One of the trainees from Civil Department happens to be the girlfriend of my friend’s friend! Not a simple straight connection, I agree. But, the interesting part is that we realised this fact in just a two minutes of small conversation. Our first ever conversation!!

I share 13 mutual friends on Facebook with one of the trainees from Piping Department. I am so surprised!! Friends from school, college, IIT classes! It was amazing!!

On just the fifth day of my job, I met one of school seniors in the elevator. He didn’t know me. But I could recognise him. He seemed surprised when I asked him whether he was from Saraswati Secondary School!! It feels nice to have someone from school as your colleague. I felt proud! ☺

I commute with company bus service everyday. At the stop from where I take the bus, there is also one senior employee of my company. From everyday morning conversations, I came to know that he knows many families in my housing society. He even knows my father because of some community functions! I never expected this!

I often try not to mix up things. I insist, to be frank! But what if things are already interconnected!! And they are, many times!! The point is, the world is really so so small…