How do we grow?

Often, we learn from our errors; at least, the errors we can afford to make. This is true both as individuals and as professionals. So one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is to ignore the feedback they receive.

While supervising in a restaurant back in the day, my boss told me that the majority of customers won’t complain, and as a passive aggressive/”nice guy,” I believed it. However, digital reviews now make it a lot easier to complain. Those customers that are too “nice” may not contact your business directly to have…

In short, it’s a wild time for small businesses. With the divided results of the midterm elections, the USMCA signed, a new president in Mexico, a looming government shutdown, and the divided 113th congress moving in, legislation is halted.

Aside from the recently trending #ShutdownStories from government employees, what does it all mean for small businesses?

As the government works its way through the shutdown, small businesses are already feeling the effects. Even after the shutdown, small businesses can expect some tension from the incoming divisions in congress. 2019 carries “low expectations” for small business help.

On Wednesday, The Associated…

Planning, analyzing, monitoring. These all ensure your distribution strategy is effective in terms of wholesale industry trends. But what about the trends within the supply chain that affect your B2B relationships? Let’s take a look at the focus for 2019.

Technology versus Face-to-Face Relationships

2018 put a lot of pressure on wholesalers to digitize as much as possible. Digital invoices, digital communications, automation, you name it. Technology makes business smooth, quick, easy, impersonal, great for introverts. It’s a great way to network (a pun, here).

But what about those important personal connections? …

Marketing is always changing because people and their interests are always changing. More importantly, the way people interact is — guess what — changing.

The unpredictable development of technology is harder to keep up with than in recent years. I’m not going to tell you to keep on keeping up, but you should be as flexible as possible. It’s not about what you know, but how you grow.

Cute, right?

Now, before we look at how to evaluate your marketing campaigns, we’ll first have to understand exactly what that involves.

The internet can be an annoying place.

Web surfers have to constantly fight off pop-ups, spam mail, obstructive banner ads, and notifications throughout each search experience. It’s like a game of Mario, and the website or service you’re trying to reach is poor, kidnapped Princess Peach.

Then, once you’ve finally beat all those little koopas, the boss comes along. No, not Bowser. It’s a subscribe form. You have to jump through this hoop to access gated information.

For many website visitors, this is a deal breaker. Sorry Peach, but there’s easier access to unrestricted content somewhere else.

Lead Generation

While you’re trying…

Crowdfunding is a way to involve a community of like-minded investors in your startup’s success without taking huge financial risks.

You can introduce your ideas to the business world, straight from the horse’s mouth (that’s you).

Since your ideas are unique and bold, putting them out there is a risk. What if someone likes them a little too much and decides to copy you? Once you introduce your ideas to the world, you’ll have to move quickly before you get ripped off to ensure you remain one of a kind. This means you need a successful launch of your campaign.

What’s More Important to Clients? Free or Speed?

Imagine you’re driving and you come to a fork in the road. You have the option to drive down a curvy path, muddled with a few too many speed bumps, or, you can pay a couple bucks to drive straight through, free of speed bumps (and notice how I used “free” here). What do you choose?

Since I’m usually running late, I will almost always choose the latter and pay my way clear. Then I’ll speed like a maniac. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I’m a writer.

The point here is that even if it’s “free,” it will…

Many businesses are known for creating fun and enjoyable working cultures. Just look at the employee incentives at Google.

The purpose of establishing a fun work environment is to keep workers excited to do their jobs without becoming bored, fatigued, or stuck in a mind-draining, monotonous job they begin to resent. Dark, I know.

But there are ways to avoid such negativity.

Tips for Minimizing Workplace Distractions

When it comes to getting work done, the things you most look forward to at work can cause the most frustration.

It’s important to keep work time for work. There is a time and a place for everything…

Seasons change, but your business relationships should stay strong year-round.

Distributors require relationship building skills to communicate on each end of the supply chain, from getting products from manufacturers, to potentially selling to wholesalers, retailers, or other customers. Not to mention everything else involved, like storage, delivery, and financing that might bring other parties in as well. It all comes down to communication.

A chain relies on all of its links. Therefore, when it comes to long-term supply, you need to nurture and maintain each and every link in your supply chain.

What makes a strong business relationship? A good…

When your ordering process is slow, you risk the chance of frustrating and even losing clientele. This is not a risk you need to take. It’s time to speed things up a notch. Have a look at how companies are speeding up their ordering process, from payment processors to website efficiency.

The order management process covers efficient tracking and fulfilling of sales orders. The key to order management is efficiency. So how can you best track and complete orders? With create a smart classification system, have better visibility into your metrics, and speed up your website. Mastering both can save…

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