While US cities burned in 1967, mass-media ads were showing white America a sunny vision of itself
Rian Dundon

Life Magazine always did amazing photojournalism, even during the 1960s. Those ads were how they payed the bills. If you look at Life from the 1930s or 1940s, Europe was being torn by fascism, China eviscerated by the Japanese, but there were still people who wanted to down a stiff drink or buy life insurance. That’s how it was. That is how it is. People don’t stop living just because the world is being remade.

When I read the news online, I notice a lot of pretty horrible stuff, often well documented and all too well illustrated. Then, I get bombarded with pop up ads, auto-play video and fake system alerts. A quiet banner ad for scotch whiskey or a life insurance policy would be a relief. All of these modern ads are much more obnoxious than those print ads, and they are much more likely to advertising scam products and services than anything in vintage Life.

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