Apple to developers: There is no escape.
Quincy Larson

Over a hundred years ago they started calling Broadway the fabulous invalid, because it seemed to have been on its deathbed for as long as anyone could remember. I think there was even a 1938 play by that name. Broadway was dying. The plays were garbage. The authors were out of touch. There was no art. Of course, Broadway is still dying, but it’s been another hundred some odd years and there are still a lot of plays being staged and ticket prices are so high that no one ever goes to the theater anymore.

Apple is a fabulous invalid, forever on the edge of death, or at least since 1997 or perhaps 1984 or some time back then. Meanwhile, Apple keeps on chugging along cranking out overpriced, under-powered hardware and making awful decisions that will spell its doom, even though every other manufacturer will race to copy them. I give mechanical ESC keys five years. Then you’ll only find them on $300 discount specials. Everyone will have a touch bar, but most of them will be garbage with illegible displays, impossible APIs and terrible interaction feel. The ones on the $3500 PCs will be pretty good though.

Anyone who knows about system performance knows that it is a combination of processor speed, storage speed and memory size. The new Mac seems to have bumped processor speed a bit, bumped the memory bus speed a bit and massively sped up the SSD transfer rates. Sure, 32GB would be nice, but until Intel comes out with a system that lets one put 32GB in a laptop without burning battery power, Apple isn’t going to bother. Apple tends to go for a balance, and this ticks off people who are concerned with extremes.

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