Meet the Dodge La Femme, the bonkers car marketed only to women
Rian Dundon

The car looks pretty weird by modern standards, but that wasn’t that weird look back then. Think Bruce McCall’s 1958 Bulgemobile. The pink looks pretty cool, and at least they were thinking about women as potential customers. The campaign is a real contrast to the Jordan Playboy campaign in 1919 with its appeal to the women’s adventurous side — “Somewhere west of Laramie”.

This car was marketed after the post World War II reaction which pushed women out of the workplace and into the home. There was a seriously increased emphasis on sex roles then. Adventurous women were out, and pink frothy women were in. After wartime rationing, I can imagine the appeal of getting a new dress or two. I think a lot of people had endured enough adventure for a lifetime.

This car didn’t do very well, but the Ford Mustang, introduced in 1964, did. As the name suggests, it appealed to women’s adventurous side, showing that women will buy cars for reasons almost as weird as men’s.

Thanks for bringing La Femme back to light. In some ways it is wonderful to watch marketing to women go off the rails.

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