What I Have Learned From Photographing 400 Towns in Iowa
Cody Weber

The problem is that your grandfather got that well paying reliable job based on an ideology that is anathema to most voters living in that area today. There was government supported unionization, a 90% marginal tax rate and government run industrial policy. Then people voted in Reagan, and he busted the unions, dropped taxes and got the government out of industrial policy. We’ve been on a slide since then, but the people most affected by the collapse are the ones who keep voting to make the collapse harder and deeper.

Unmitigated capitalism is a vicious system. It is intensely productive, but it needs to be controlled. It is like fire. It can light the way, cook food, keep one warm, smelt metals and so many other wonderful things, but you don’t set fire to your mattress when your toes get cold in bed.

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