Breaking The American Dream
Jean-Louis Gassée

Trump and his people have always been there. They have always been cowards and terrified of change. Before our Civil War they fought against settling the west and building the railroads. They fought against the land grant colleges. They kept slaves and built a society based on torture and terrorism. King Canute ordered the tides to stop their rise to point out the limits of the king’s power. These people order the tides to stop because they are too stupid or entitled to walk a few yards inland. Then they whine and whine about nearly drowning and flog the sea like Caligula’s armies.

Well, you are an American now. Silicon Valley is the product of education, industrial policy and a willingness to change, all things that Trump and his people loathe. Now it has an existential fight on its hands. As with Germany back shortly before you were born, it takes a while to recognize a threat and to understand how to fight back. You have established credibility. You can use it. (You also have some cunning which the good guys can use.)

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