Wonder Lab__Ex.2: Five Objects for the Afterlife

Razer Gaming Mouse / Rock / The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson & Students/ Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell / UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker

When looking to narrow down the objects I picked previously to five objects, I used the chart from my previous post to try and eliminate overlap, and also realized that juxtaposing them as opposing axes caused tension that really I saw as synergy between objects. I thought about what lied at the center of the axes in my previous chart, and came to ‘play’ as a word that encapsulated the relationship I had with these different objects. Not play explicitly as a verb, but play as an attitude of lighthearted exploration. From this center point, I looked at what radiated off-of of this theme, and chose words that paired with the objects I found most significant: nature, tech, stories became learning, and I swapped in ‘listen’ as it relates to ‘play’ing music, hearing stories, and my generally quiet demeanor. I also remembered when browsing objects in my home the book “The Skillful Huntsman” which holds enormous significance to me because it combines so many parts of my interests and personality and represents the creative disciplines that brought me into design.

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