Neil Dhillon Discusses Crisis Communication

According to Neil Dhillon, “crisis communication” has a very specific meaning within the context of media and public relations. “Crisis communication is an area of public relations or PR that is designed to protect the reputation of an individual, a company or an organization. The media can quickly cause a firestorm of controversy by how it chooses to report any incident; therefore, managing the story of any negative event becomes crucial, often within a few hours of it occurring,” says Dhillon.

According to Dhillon, the meaning of an event is somewhat determined by the perception people have of it. “While there is absolute value and meaning, for most people, what they perceive defines reality. If they think that someone is trustworthy, they will tend to discount negative stories, while if they already think poorly of a person, they will be less likely to forgive any other negative incidents.”

Successful crisis management is a very special skill that is acquired over years of practice and experience. Neil Dhillon, on the web at , has this experience through his extensive work in global public affairs, including work with the Clinton White House and as Chief of Staff for Congressman Bob Matsui. “The important thing to remember in crisis management is not to be reactionary,” he notes. “Often, effective crisis management is as much about prevention and preparation as damage control. By building a strong reputation before a crisis hits, individuals and companies are better able to weather the sudden storms that can occur in the public spotlight.”

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