How to be Happy

I am happy. My life is good and I am content with all its aspects. Not too many people can say that I think. How to be happy is a simple concept but it is beyond easy. I guess to be happy we must eliminate what makes us unhappy. It seems to me that people worry to much about everything that goes on in life. They worry about what they should do, how they should do it, what their future holds, about mistakes in the past, worrying about what others think, and the list goes on. When you worry you cannot think straight. Logic is removed from thought. Stop worrying, everything will be fine if you learn to eliminate worrying from your repertoire of emotions. When you worry, you think negatively, so instead don’t worry and be optimistic. I find comparing yourself to others is also a problem amongst people. I however will admit that I’ve done this but I’ve also learned to stop doing it. It only makes you feel worse, although sometimes better, and that negativity only does the same thing as worrying. You can’t think straight and the negative outcomes occur. If you think it will happen, it probably will, so you might as well think positive. Be the glass half full person.

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I also find people do not focus on the right things. To be a happy person, you should focus on the things that further your understanding and personal experience in life. What I mean in one aspect is to think about something other than materialistic gains. For lack of better words, stuff and things do not matter the most. All the stuff we own is replaceable. You know what is not? The spiritual things in life. Respect. Knowledge. Compassion. Perseverance. Creativity. Everything in my home that I own is replaceable. Sure that’s not to say that I dislike certain items in my house, but it’s the idea that in the event of a fire or something, I would not risk my life to save any one item. When you focus on making someone else happy even, or spending money on someone else, that increases personal happiness in both parties. If you make time for the right things and the right people, the world becomes a better and happier place. And, if you find what makes you happy, your personal adventure that is exclusive to you, then do that and you will be happy. If you cannot, then make it your goal so that you can pursue your happiness. Don’t be the actor, be the director. Paint your own canvas. For me travelling is one of the few things that truly make me happy. It is one of the few experiences that are so enriching that you really get more out of it than what you put in. The journey is one of the most thrilling and you can learn so much from it. That is my personal happiness.

Sometimes people can get angry. We all make mistakes and sometimes we hold grudges. But the sooner we let things go, the better off and happier we’ll be. When someone does something you may not particular be on par with, the instinct I suppose is to hate or dislike that person or people and what not. However holding grudges keeps in plenty of anger, resentment, and potential vengeance which puts stress on the body mentally. And the mind gives up before the body. When you dwell on the grudge, you become wrapped up in a cocoon of bad feelings; you lose touch with the reality of the people or person you’ve been affected by. Forgiveness is the best option for a happy outcome. If you can manage that, you gain a better well being and relationship with people, higher self esteem, and become healthier as these things tend to lower blood pressure and increase immunity believe it or not. In the end we are all just people. We all have dreams, successes, failures, options, beliefs, and opinions. Every single person on the planet lives a life as vivid as your own and that is something not many people take into account. They all seem to think that they are the most important person, and it’s because we are our own main character of our life story. And while many friends, family, and everyone else in the world are the supporting roles and extras, they are no less important because they are all the main characters in their life story and you may just be an extra who appeared once. If you get a little perspective and walk in the shoes of someone else, you can truly appreciate their cause. Everyone is different, but they all matter and live a life just as diverse as yours. As I write I recall a quote from Doctor Who where The Doctor exclaims “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” And that is the most important lesson in life that I have learned: Life is precious.

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