Ethno-nationalism is a form of racism. If you needed to be told that, here’s your basket.
Paul Gowder

Dr Gowder,

By mixing up all these things that are really quite distinct if you allow them to settle a little bit, I wonder if you are not concerned that you cheapen the meaning of the term of which you are so fond.

I am familiar with what being on the wrong end of a racist mindset and indeed public policy may be like. I didn’t suffer too badly from it myself, but some of my family paid a price for it. This is about my father’s cousin.

And, I wouldn’t want to put words into his mouth, but having had at least a little understanding of what it was like in those times, and experienced for a short period the tail end of it myself, I must say that I don’t recognise much of a resemblance between the article you attack and what I have seen of the phenomenon itself.

So I do wonder, sir, if you have considered that by equating everything you dislike and terming it the same, you have considered the possibility that some might find it somewhat disrespectful.

Orwell wrote about the dangers of corruption of language, and the difficulties that occur when words have had the meaning sucked out of them. I wonder if we should return again to his insights.



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