Why I’m co-hosting my first small retreat

Running a business by yourself is exhausting.

You’re responsible for everything, often tired, and it’s hard to find time to do the dishes and walk the dog…

…nevermind time to take care of yourself.

You’re burning out on people and ideas that aren’t actually helpful and would jump at the opportunity to get value-packed advice from kick-ass humans…with a private chef on hand.

That’s why my business bud Emma Siemasko and I decided to create The Domina Retreat.

(That’s [DOM-ina] and it means ‘lady’ in Latin).

Our goal is to provide a few days where a small group of women can have meaningful conversations about work, learn from the best and brightest, and relax & recharge at the same time.

It all started on Twitter.

Emma stumbled upon my online jewelry store and commented on it via Twitter. Kaleigh sent her a necklace as thanks.

A few months later, Kaleigh was starting her freelance business. Emma worked in-house at a tech company. Soon, Emma hired Kaleigh to write some blog posts for the tech company.

A couple years later, Emma quit her job and joined Kaleigh as a freelancer.

After years of swapping info and getting to know each other online, we decided to meet IRL at a conference in Austin. There were a few good talks, but mostly we were delighted to meet each other in person. After the conference, we rented an AirBnb and hung out for a couple of days.

Meeting up was of the best things we ever did for our businesses.

In 2017, we met up again for a few days of co-working in Palm Springs, California. Again, it was magical.

But when we looked around to find a retreat that we could attend where that experience was re-created on a slightly larger scale with other business-savvy women…we just couldn’t find what we were looking for.

That’s why we decided to create a retreat where others could have a similar experience.

This small gathering (limited to 20 attendees) isn’t about #growthhacking. But it’s not just a group “hang out” either.

Over the 2.5 days we’ll spend together, there will be time for you to join in group activities at the beautiful AirBnB we’ve rented on Lake Travis, as well as time for you to do your own thing, whether that’s going on a walk or co-working on site with a small group of fellow attendees.

The villa (!)

The space we’ve rented is very private and sits on nearly two acres on the south shore of Lake Travis, with a dock for swimming. It’s located just 35–40 minutes from downtown Austin and is utterly gorgeous.

The Retreat on Lake Travis

We fell in love when we saw it, and we know you’ll fall in love too.

Does this sound like you?

I feel like no one in my daily life truly understands my career (and I’m sick of relying on Google for direction and advice… WHERE ARE THE KNOWLEDGEABLE HUMANS?)

I’m tired of business events full of useless tactics and hacks. (Why are so many bros lecturing on how to drive engagement on LinkedIn?)

I want to learn from like-minded people to grow my business (because I’m sick of getting advice from random internet people I don’t know or trust!)

I’m looking for a community of others who *get* me. (Where my ladies at!?)

I’m not taking great care of myself and want time to restore/reflect (because if I don’t take time for me, I know I won’t be productive in my business.)

If so, this is the thing you need.

What’s Included?

  • Co-working space at the beautiful villa we’ve rented (our retreat home base!)
  • One hour private group yoga class
  • A tasty dinner cooked on-site by a highly regarded private chef
  • Nature walk at Canyonlands / Mt. Lakeway Trail
  • 4 workshops from successful women business owners who’ve been where you are
  • Business book club discussion: The Four Tendencies By Gretchen Rubin
  • Breakfast and lunch on retreat days
  • Light snacks (cheese!) and drinks (wine!)
  • Swimming + sunbathing at the pool and lake
  • Warm conversations with business owners who get you and your challenges
  • An exclusive Facebook group for pre- and post-event communication

>>Get Your Ticket Now<<

$975 — Early Bird Discount, Ends Jan 31

$1199 — Early(ish) Discount, Ends Feb 15

$1299 — Ends Mar 1


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