“We are okay.”

Those were the words my mother opened with in her last letter. The letter went on in a strangely cheerful tone, reporting other recent mishaps—the car was making strange sounds, the roof had a leak…it was all disguised by her beautiful, scrawling penmanship. At first glance, you’d think she’d written the letter sitting at a Victorian desk in a high collared blouse.

That was far from how I pictured her writing the letter in reality, though. I imagined the sun streaming in through the kitchen window, illuminating her auburn hair and the floral tablecloth smoothed over the…

Since the start of 2020, I’ve been experimenting with teaching writing lessons in a live format via Crowdcast.

So far I’ve done four live (paid) sessions that average about 10–15 people each as well as one free Q&A session (which had almost 100 attendees.)

I’ve been doing them because:

  1. I like the opportunity to practice teaching on video.

With a full course in the works, I wanted to get some practice in speaking and teaching lessons on camera and studying the footage to spot areas for improvement. …

Last weekend, my husband and I went to NYC for a few days to explore some of the areas we hadn’t been to before, and it reminded me just how different this city is compared to where I live in rural central Illinois.

Here are some of my thoughts about the contrast in environments and lifestyles, plus some general musings.

Life & Community

The biggest and most prominent difference I felt was the contrast between this idea of community in the Midwest vs. NYC.

People talk about community in the Midwestern sense of there being these small towns with tight-knit communities where everyone…

Running a business by yourself is exhausting.

You’re responsible for everything, often tired, and it’s hard to find time to do the dishes and walk the dog…

…nevermind time to take care of yourself.

You’re burning out on people and ideas that aren’t actually helpful and would jump at the opportunity to get value-packed advice from kick-ass humans…with a private chef on hand.

That’s why my business bud Emma Siemasko and I decided to create The Domina Retreat.

(That’s [DOM-ina] and it means ‘lady’ in Latin).

Our goal is to provide a few days where a small group of women…

Five years ago this month, I left my full-time job in PR to try freelancing.

I gave myself 18 months to see if I could (in the words of Tim Gunn) MAKE IT WORK.

Long story short: It’s still working. I’m still out here, freelancin’ it up.

I feel like this is a big deal. I’ve officially been freelancing longer than I’ve been doing any other job. It’s also longer than I’ve ever kept a pair of shoes.

But the thing is…when you work alone, from home…largely by yourself…it feels like there’s no one to celebrate these…

When I first started freelance writing, getting started with new clients required a lot of time and energy.

I didn’t have a good process in place, so there was lots of back and forth emailing and calling between clients and I — just so that we were both on the same page before jumping into the project.

What really sucked was when the project ended up falling through. The client would decide not to pull the trigger on the project, or I’d ultimately discover the project wasn’t a good fit for me. …

The title of today’s writing lesson is inspired by the book 10% Happier, which I’ve been listening to lately on audiobook.

Dan Harris (the author) talks about being a fidgety skeptic in regard to meditation…and that got me thinking:

That’s how I feel about a lot of sales-oriented writing.

Fidgety. Skeptical. It just doesn’t work for me.

I know, I know: Sales writing is traditionally long-form because it has a lot of work to do.

But can I be honest with you?

Especially online, if you’re selling to me — you’d better do it fast.

I want to understand your…

I want to share a few of my favorite things that help me write in hopes that maybe they’ll help you, too. Even if you’re not a writer, some of these items could make a nice addition to your workspace.

If you’re not interested in the commentary and just want the shortlist, I’ve linked everything for you right here:

If you are interested in…

In the past, setting up free trials or discounted trial workflows with ReCharge was a bit complex. But no more. There’s now a simple, way to set up trial workflows that get new customers hooked on your products and then converts them into loyal, long-term subscribers.

This is good news, as some data shows that as many as 7 out of 10 users who start a free trial and enter a payment method will convert into paying customers.

Want to see the different ways merchants are already using this new feature? We gathered a few use case examples so you…

Short version: Over the summer, I helped re-vamp The Creative Class, Paul Jarvis’s course on learning the business of freelancing. And it’s now open! The course will be available for purchase for 10 days only. We also just kicked off a podcast we recorded for it, with 11 different freelancing-related topics covered in each episode.

Long version: I took The Creative Class back in 2014 (when I was a year into freelancing) and it helped me do a lot of important things.

Things like: Finding a niche. Getting processes in place for more efficient client onboarding. Implementing a strategy for…

Kaleigh Moore

Freelance writer at KaleighMoore.com. Always looking for the next adventure.

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