Fabulous gifts for 30 years


What a great weekend. We spent it just outside Newmarket celebrating a friends birthday. It was a big one- thirty. With lots of my friends hitting this milestone over the next six months, I started thinking about what presents would really hit the spot. Here are some of my favourites..

Subscriptions and memberships

I love the idea of a present that carries on bringing happiness throughout the year. Bloom and Wild will send beautiful flowers to your lucky recipient on a weekly or monthly basis and the clever packaging means they slide through the letter box, so no banging on neighbours doors trying to retrieve them.

Last Christmas I got my niece a subscription to The Willoughby Book Club, which she loves. They also offer packages for adults to from classic titles to contemporary fiction. A shiny new book landing on the mat each month is my idea of heaven.

For art lovers, Tate offers annual gift memberships. Their basic package gives you free access to exhibitions at any of the galleries and access to the Member’s Rooms.


Something long lasting that can be personalised is appealing for a significant birthday. I think this Stow pouch is a cool update of the initialled passport holder. It contains a slimline battery that allows to to charge your iPhone twice over and it looks extremely chic.

A small but sentimental gift from GLB Graphics via Not on The High Street is this polaroid box. You pick the message for the box, select your favourite photo memories (upto 128 prints) and they deliver. Bingo.

Finally, there are some things that are just irresistible to me- and which hopefully would be as a birthday present too. I am definitely buying this sweater from Scotch and Soda as soon as I get paid. If I buy it for a friend’s birthday then we’ll just have to confer on outfits before meeting up to avoid matching!

I have also had my eye on this wash bag for ages. It’s the perfect message for Mondays and bad hair days!

I settled on the Tate Membership for my friend eventually-fingers crossed that she likes it!



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