Changing Rooms

Our flat is so full of memories already. On January 1st four years ago, I was dozing on the sofa with a raging hangover , having gone back to a party there. I was rudely awoken by my now husband (the owner of the flat) telling everyone to clear out. He had been celebrating elsewhere and was somewhat surprised to find every surface of his new home covered with semi- concious people.

It was an inauspicious start but somehow three months later I ended up back at the flat again and we kissed for the first time sharing a cigarette on the front windowsill.

In the time since then we became an item, I moved in and we got married this year. We have had too many parties to count and five of our friends have lived with us in varying combination- two of whom are getting married next year after first getting together here (best news ever!)

It has been an incredibly fun filled house but the state of the decor is now attesting to just quite how much fun we have had! The fact that our final tenant has moved out and our first baby is on the way has prompted a major overhaul, which we are currently in the middle of but the bathroom and kitchen are now done-thank god!

I thought I’d share the bathroom with you but apologies for the poor quality photos. The space was quite small and only had a shower and a double sink before. We wanted to add a loo and bath and with lots of shuffling around managed to fit this in.

From a decoration point of view, we started with the floor, as I love chequered floors and this was my only definite at the beginning. We used the Edinburgh black floor tiles and Cuba white floor tiles to create the pattern.

To avoid it looking too garish we went for plain white tiled walls with a tiny border to pick up the floor

The biggest indecision was over the bath but we eventually settled on this white free standing one.

My big worry, having squeezed in the bath and the loo was that everything was going to feel too cramped so we hung an enormous mirror above the bath and then a feature mirror from Artisanti above the sink. This is one of my favourite features in the room. It is convex, so it took a while to get used to doing eyeliner in it but think I have cracked it now!

Now just to finish the rest of the house…