Feeling Maternelle

Bio oil seems to be the advice on everyone’s lips when they find out you are expecting, so I am duly slathering it on night and day, hoping that this, combined with some surreptitious finger crossing keeps stretch marks at bay!

I was also treated to some other maternity products from the Maternelle range at the weekend.(Thank you Claire!)I hadn’t heard of them for but apparently they are sold in Waitrose stores and online, which is great news, as I have a feeling I will need to restock pretty soon due to frequent usage.

I was given the relaxing bath soak and the reviving leg and foot gel. I have to confess that despite making a big fuss about getting a bath for our new bathroom, I haven’t actually used it very much. Or in fact ever. I never quite seem to have time and I also know that as a terrible list maker, any time spent doing nothing generally results in the compilation of a vast mental to do list -work, book NCT, register for nursery-not very relaxing.

But inspired by the smell of the bath soak (subtle lavender and roses), I bypassed the shower and settled into soak. It was genuinely lovely and I found that after a while I was thinking of ….absolutely nothing.

Post bath, the leg gel had a lot to live up to, but having managed to persuade my very patient husband to give me a massage with it, I have to say I was equally impressed at its’ ability to reduce niggly aches and pains and have been using it since.

Any other recommendation for maternity products? Has anyone tried the Mama Mio range?

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