Three Mother-Adjacent Things Anyone Can Celebrate This Mother’s Day

For many, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the unwavering love and the countless sacrifices of our mothers: the women who give us strength, and who gave us life.

For others, those who were antagonized or outright abandoned by mom, today is a dreadful reminder of all the things that they were denied.

For those who count themselves among the latter, and who sink deeper into depression with each tender homage to Mom on social media, I have compiled this list.

It is a short collection of mother-adjacent things that are vaguely germane to the occasion, and from which, I hope, joy and inspiration can be drawn.

A sad person who does not enjoy this occasion.


This comet was first identified in 1998 by American astronomer C.W. Hergenrother, whose name contains five of the six characters in “mother”.

Not content with a single eponymous small solar system body, 175P/Hergenrother and 3099 Hergenrother also share his name. Wow!

With its period of nearly 7 years, 168P offers the kind of reliability and consistency that you’ve learned to settle for.

Its next perihelion is set for 2019, so get moderately excited!

168P was last seen in October 2012.

Ann Strother

A bona fide hoop legend from the University of Connecticut, Ann Strother is a female whose name also shares five characters with “mother”, but unlike most moms, Ann doesn’t have any children!

She does have an adorable puppy named Rudy, whose strident cries for affection are often met. Some highlights from Anne’s impressive career include a gold medal from the 2012 FIBA 3x3 World Championships and this Big Basket!


Though he/she was one of the most memorable characters from ACE Team’s 2009 hit, Zeno Clash, Father-Mother’s inclusion on this list might seem, at first, controversial. After all, weren’t they the proud, loving mother of countless creatures in Halstedom, and one of the most influential members of the community?

A controversial inclusion.

Or so it seemed! Attentive fans of the game will remember that, though Father-Mother represented themselves as a hermaphroditic bird creature, they were ultimately revealed to be a wholly male bird creature — one who kidnapped babies from poor, hapless families and presented them as his own.

Now that’s the kind of homegrown dishonesty that just about anyone can identify with.