Jordan’s Law of Analytics: All Analytics Software Eventually Becomes Email Marketing Software

I tweeted this a while back — figured this was a good a time as any to try and get a law named after myself!

I’ve referenced it a few times since then, so it’s probably about time I threw together a quick post to flesh this out a bit (you have no idea how hard it was to Google that year+ old tweet).

It initially occurred to me while I was doing some research on analytics tools in the eCommerce space.

I had run across custora and noticed that they were starting to dip into email marketing, and cross-referenced in my brain the move that Baremetrics made from analytics into email (specifically, dunning email for subscriptions).

I also recall seeing mixpanel move into the email space back several years ago when I was testing it out.

What I think the grain of truth is here that I’m trying to get at is that much of the time, Analytics in and of themselves aren’t valuable enough for you to pay for.

You pay for analytics, it tells you some stuff, and naturally the next question is: “what do I need to do to make more money using these recommendations?”.

Email is just one of the more popular channels of growth for most ecommerce sites, but you could insert Organic or Pay-Per-Click in there and it would mostly hold up.

Once you know that you should be sending more email, the next question is “Okay how do I do that?”

Analytics software can either stop at the point that it says “send more email” (or “send better email”), where it isn’t capturing a ton of value, or it can dip into a higher value transaction with it’s customer by actually providing the email marketing solution for them.

Sometimes, that’s in the form of easily exportable email segments and sometimes it’s in the form of a full-fledged email marketing functionality.

The obvious outlier here would be Google Analtyics. They’re probably not getting into the email marketing space any time soon. But GA is a free tool, and therefore doesn’t have the burden of justifying an ongoing spend by paying customers.

They obviously don’t need to monetize it as it powers much of the intelligence that Google has about the web.

So, I’ll keep a list of the analytics softwares that have gotten into email marketing here, and we’ll see where this goes:

  • Baremetrics
  • Mixpanel
  • Custora

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