US Immigrants — Crime, Numbers, and Process

Comparing the percentage of refugees against the total population of each host country, the smallness of the US’s share of Syrian refugee resettlements is even more striking:

This is how US crime by foreign-born people compares to citizen crime

The 12-step process to be allowed into the US

“Seriously, the American government knows more about me than anyone else in the world, than my mom, my dad, my closest friends,” he said.

US president Donald Trump had ordered an intelligence report to justify his embattled travel ban on seven Muslim majority nations. But the three-page draft “challenges Trump’s core claims” about the reasoning behind the executive order, the AP writes. The report also found hardly any terror-related activities in the US linked to people from the seven countries listed in the travel ban.
The report also notes that more than half of terror suspects it looked at were US citizens born in the United States.
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