You Were a Misogynist Before Testosterone:
Rae Rosenberg

Thank you so much for this article. Women, both cis and trans, face so much discrimination in our society, and transmen who support these misogynistic perspectives give them a unique credibility that can be embraced by otherwise liberal thinkers under the guise of “well it’s just hormonal, I guess”. As a woman in science I have to fight to be heard, often over the most absurdly obvious statements. I have had a male colleague use Google, right in front of me, to confirm a basic fact I reminded him of from General Chemistry rather than take my word for it. This would seem trivial if it weren’t such a regular occurrence. I appreciate this article so much because it recognizes and calls out this behavior as wrong and misogynistic rather than letting it be accepted without comment as simply another legitimate difference created by different hormone ratios.

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