Automating Food

July 26th, 2017

One service I use to automate my food is Subscribe & Save. Add 5 items and receive 10% off. This saves $10/month on protein alone.

I am currently using 3 services to deal with most of my food. They are Shipt, Prime Pantry & Subscribe & Save. The latter two are offerings from Amazon.

Shipt is an uber like service for grocery delivery. I have my concerns about how it financially makes sense for the individual doing the shopping (much of the same hiccups in the driving for uber model) but am giving it a try this week (they offer a $15 credit for giving it a try….so yes I used that credit to get some free groceries).

I tasked Shipt with delivering me perishable food from the local Harris Teeter. Here in downtown Raleigh, NC that is the Cameron Village location. Roughly a 5 mile roundtrip from my house. I eat mostly the same food each week & and have it down to a science of what quantity I need and how often I need it. I truthfully have the time to shop for myself but have recently spent some time exploring offloading as much of the repetitive tasks in my life as possible in order to focus more on what is not predictable. Using these services is an initial test into what productivity improvements, if any, I will see in not worrying about these weekly burdens.

In order to receive free delivery using Shipt you must spend $35 in food. I did this and was immediately credited $15 for my first time user discount! Today I will have the following groceries delivered.

  • 3 lbs. Chicken Breast
  • 30count Eggs
  • 1/2 gallon 2% Reduced Fat Milk
  • 32oz Extra Long Grain Rice
  • 12oz Chopped Spinach
  • 60oz Chopped Broccoli
  • 14oz Organic Tortilla Chips
  • 6.5oz Himalayan Salt

I utilized Subscribe & Save with Amazon to save 15% on the 6 items I set up on recurring order and will be receiving the following shipment in the next week. Differing products on this list come in different frequencies depending on the bulk required to receive the discount. The coffee & protein are a monthly delivery. Deodorant, Tea, Toothpaste and Apple Cider Vinegar are every 3 months. If the initial shipment works well I could add to this list and additionally delegate more of the upkeep of products in my life.

  • 25oz Folgers Breakfast Blend Coffee
  • 6–2.7oz Degree Men Extreme Blast Deodorant
  • 6–20count Sleepytime Honey Tea
  • 5lbs Optimum Nutrition Naturally Flavored Gold Standard Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate
  • 3–7.8oz Colgate Total Toothpaste
  • 32oz Viva Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar

Lastly, I enlisted Prime Pantry for the few items I could not acquire the way I wanted with the above two services. While I initially thought Prime Pantry would enable me to automatically set up a shipment each month it seems as if that is not an option at this time. My solution to date has been to create a list with these items in it on Amazon and set a reminder in my phone to reorder in 30 days. If there is a better solution to this please let me know.

  • 28oz Suave Professionals Men 3-in-1 Citrus Rush

I will update this list as time goes on and I determine if I want to keep using the services!