20 Things Men Can Do RTFN to Support Women
Helen Rosner

As a eastern-European man myself, I felt the usual urge to rape this text coldly ,logically and thoroughly with using only my words.

  1. DNA is much more valuable than a “lived truth” of a person going through a mental disorder.
  2. Supporting murder is a criminal offence, the age of the murdered human should not mater.
  3. Prioritising any societal groups healthcare over others is just sick a kin to institutionalized systemic racism in my book.
  4. Nothing is free in a capitalistic system, at some-point you as a taxpayer will pay for it anyway. Ladies buying their own produce now will most likely be cheaper for them than creating a governmental branch giving them those products for “free”.
  5. How long do thing after lactation spaces are created they ban lactating anywhere else than in those spaces? Equal maternity leave though sounds like a nice thing, whether or not parenthood is part of your life.
  6. If I prioritized women’s issues when voting I could not vote ever, because every lady I have met is an free and independent individual with her own issues which at times contradict each other.
  7. Most of the time I would be asking that question in public men’s restrooms and the honest answer would be: “ Because of the naked urinating dicks everywhere”
  8. Cultivate genuine, intimate, non-sexual friendships with women,- tried it, done that, didn´t work out that well, got used and abused for nothing. Anecdotal evidence for sure but a “lived truth” of mine.
  9. I have plenty of those, starting with my mother, 2 grandmothers, one escaped being sent to the soviet gulag another was a medical professional in WWII.
  10. Smart powerful chicks are rare, smart powerful chicks in a patriarchy are even rarer, too bad I live in a matriarchal small island community and my father took my mom’s last name when he married her.
  11. I ended up thinking about make-up and collecting child support checks while drinking wine all day. Then my thoughts went to men dying in wars, being over 90% people doing dying in work-place accidents, being the majority of prison populations and the very real rape-culture in prison.
  12. Talk less. In all spaces. At all times. At a lower volume. ← Very bad advise to give to any introverted personality, other than that it’s true about every extroverted person out there.
  13. One can only be open to certain point, tolerating criminality in cultures like the one being imported by Sharia Law to the western world or even the gay propaganda or sex change stuff on children doesn’t have fun results every-time around.
  14. Consumed such piece of media just now by reading this article, I can say never again, it’s uninteresting, illogical, factual wrong, politically very biased and fake for me. So why torture myself consuming this shit and deny myself the stuff I like and love?
  15. Deprogramming or brain washing yourself to thinking fat or worse obese people are healthy or even beautiful runs directly opposite our biological operating system of finding the most fit and healthy sexual partners with whom to have children with.
  16. I actually agreed with that.
  17. Have learned about it and intersectionality as far as I can thel is repulsive pseudo-scientific cult-philosophy real similar to nazis of old. Coming from a people that were slaved from 1400 to up to 1850 myself I do not thing the blacks in US had it that bad that they should be more special than any other form of humans.
  18. Done that, as far as I can see they all lead to postmodern cultural-Marxists, a new twist on the old murderous philosophies that killed over 200 million people in the last century . I feel some sympathy for the young people been sucked into SJW shit while being in universities, but that’s about it. IF I had their ideology I would be in constant pain too.
  19. Prioritize kindness. As a man and as this post has been proving, I have failed do to that and probably will continue to fail to do it as truth is more important than kindness.
  20. Befriend children. While very educational and rewarding every single male runs the risk of being viewed as a paedophile for befriending children nowadays. Proposal fails a risk-benefit analysis and is not really recommended for men.
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