The Benefits of Holding PXA, PixelAlpha’s Token

Alex Otsu
Alex Otsu
Jun 9, 2018 · 2 min read

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This article goes in depth about the benefits of being a Pixel (PXA) token holder. If you aren’t familiar with PixelAlpha, I would highly recommend a quick read through our introduction here. We have taken great care to craft an economic model that is highly beneficial to early token purchasers without limiting the total usership of the network.

PXA Will Always Have a Liquid Market and is Designed to Gain Value

PXA is the first exchange-issued token that is specifically designed to appreciate in value as the number of users grow. We have achieved this by making PXA the method of payout, rather than a “license to trade” as many exchanges are opting with.

Whenever settlement happens, we purchase PXA from the open market through a smart contract, then transfer it programmatically and immediately to the party that took the correct position. With PixelAlpha acting as a buyer, PXA solves the liquidity problem that other tokens face. Moreover, since the supply of PXA is fixed, increased demand with increased settlement volumes means the price will increase proportionately. The figure below illustrates both points:

Image for post
Image for post
PXA value increases as exchange volume increases

Trading PXA will be Feeless on our Exchange

We will develop our own decentralized spot exchange specifically for PXA using the same matching technology as our derivatives engine. Because we are using the Stellar blockchain, trading will be completely feeless. Having a primary liquidity pool for PXA like this is better for price discovery, and creates a better trading experience for people looking to buy or sell any quantity. In fact, we expect specialized traders to take advantage of this by trading exclusively in PXA because there are no additional costs.

PXA is the Only Payment Method for our Services Ecosystem

Though it is our settlement mechanism, PXA has additional utility as the only currency accepted in our Services Ecosystem. Our core platform provides unprecedented pricing accuracy in real time, industry leading throughput, and cutting edge security, so the range of modules that can be built on top of it is immense. They can be anything from strategies by AI engineers, intelligence channels by analysts, managed trading services by fund managers, and more. An early purchase in PXA, then, is tantamount to receiving a steep discount on everything the future ecosystem has to offer.

Visit our website to sign up for the whitelist today. The first $1m worth of PXA is being sold at a 35% discount, which you won’t want to miss.

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