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An infinite number of choices, An infinite number of possibilities, An infinite number of outcomes.

“We do not live in the best of all possible worlds. There are monsters inside each of us. Those monsters must be made coherent and given their place, or they will consume us. What is the place of a monster? That, in many ways, is the purpose of life- to understand and tame the hell within you. But when we deny its power and seek to chain and ignore it, the monster only turns against us. When we claim we are good, it takes the throne and tells us we know nothing.” Carl G. Jung

In psychology, assimilation is the cognitive process of fitting new information into existing cognitive schemas (thought patterns), perceptions, and understanding. For example, when you are presented with new information or you are in an unfamiliar situation, your brain tries to understand this new experience by referring to information you already have stored in your long-term memory. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as this is meant to aid in our evolution and development so that we know how to properly act in new situations and expand upon our existing knowledge. But, if we are only relating things back to our own understanding we remain stuck. Possibly missing useful insight completely outside our own scope of knowledge.

And on a larger scale, acting in this way, forming opinions and drafting knowledge only through our own perceptions, causing us to see the world through the lens of our own self-interest or desires. Think of the kind of separation and misunderstanding this causes? We all experience life in completely different ways, and it could be argued that this is the very thing that makes us each uniquely creative, which is beautiful and amazing and completely true. But, we must also think about the kind of learning and understanding that happens when we make an effort to share the interpretation of our experiences together. Maybe, through this process, we would realize the interconnectedness in our human nature and learn to work together despite our differences?

By expanding our understanding of others, could we more fully understand ourselves?

An infinite number of choices are presented to us every day and it may be hard to understand which path is right to take, or which decision is the right one to make. We must not allow the fear of making the right decision paralyze us from action; most of the time our instincts know what is right and stepping in with courage may give us enough momentum to dynamically change our course propelling us into the grand unknown.

An infinite number of possibilities follow our actions, surprising us and shocking our current belief systems. Here we are, now with new opportunities and consequently, more experience and knowledge to tackle these opportunities head-on. Now, we are humbly ready to extend our schemas and understanding beyond ourselves towards the greater richness that lies ahead of us in the pockets of magic and beauty that lie all around us.

An infinite number of outcomes force us into the present and extend us far beyond what we ever thought was possible. Forced to experience the life in front of us, we must now change, interpreting what is needed from us with a brand new set of eyes. We are growing, we seek to change, we are not scared, we are more vulnerable, more capable, and more fully developed human beings.