Performance is a container for vibrating presence

I am not concerned with titles, like who you are or what you consider that you do. I am investigating what makes you burn alive. What brings you to a state of presence — vibrating in essence.
Photography by Annie Escobar of Awake Storytelling

I see no difference between performance and real life. I make no discrepancy between my identity as a performance artist to my identity as a woman. When I make a performance, I create a container specifically so I can live out moments of essence. To live another experience within an experience. What’s particular about my process, that within this container called performance I can be certain i’ll experience state of presence, which will take me.

To be present is not the same as being attentive, alert or focused on what is presently happening. Being present means becoming one with what comes for you or what you come for. So, in a sense, being present doesn’t only reflect the present moment. Being present means going with what is…and, allowing what is to be…to occur.

The idea of my Art is to give permission for your presence. Through presence I allow the dance to dance itself. Through presence I allow the art to manifest itself. Presence is born out of intention and showing up. When I am present it gives others the permission to be present.

If anything I do in performance touches you it is because I am being present with what is arriving: a memory inside the body, a calling to move somewhere in space, the impulse to be still, the expression on my face to communicate something truthful. Everything I do in performance is an act of renouncing reason, or distraction, and vibrating with presence.

Presence is an aspect of consciousness. When I am present with what is arriving in the containers of my art, I can be present with you. I can be honest in my offerings. In performance I feel most connected to the people around me and most honest through my transmissions. In that container or space, I am set up for this arrival of presence. When I perform I have no choice but to let myself dive into the essence. During a performance I am an instrument for presence and essence vibrating with no gender, no identity and no conception of time. I am outside of it, and on the outside is vibrating presence.

This is why I say I am not concerned with who you consider you are, or what you think you do. What I work with is your essence, and what makes you come alive. That’s the place I go when I perform. And that’s the place where I wish you meet you every time.

In giving permission to the performance and the space to be the container for presence and honest transmissions, we find access to profound transformations, transmissions and experiences. Performance Art is not about acting or putting a fake show to sell the audience on something. Performance Art is an opportunity to invite true essence and honest storytelling into space and time for lived experiences and sharing presence. I might also add it’s an opportunity to rest the rational mind and ignite the intuitive body — knowing where and how to move to receive the truth.

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