I suppose I have also had a slight bashing from the loud minority, when I put my successful career…

While I feel very strongly about feminism, I have also felt marginalized by its most vocal proponents, such as deciding to stay home with my baby. When I was in high school and people asked me what I wanted to do as a career I often answered that I’d like to be a stay at home wife/mom and a writer part time and I caught a lot of slack for that.

I’ve seen a lot of rape culture up close and personal and I have had many negative encounters with men who don’t value women, but I will not say that all men are the same. I have a proud feminist father and a husband who is often arguing with me that men are complicit in sexism just by being men when I’m trying to defend his sex.

I guess I’ve decided that, as long as I’m working toward equality for all, that is MY feminism and I can define it however I want. If we all do that, we can reclaim the term to be a whole lot broader.

Thanks a lot for your thoughtful replies and have a great weekend 😊

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