Closing my previous blog, resources are still available online

Yesterday, I closed down my old blog which theoretically had had around 20 unique visitors per month, so I feel obliged to follow up here what happened and where the old information will be still available.

Drupal related content

The blog contained an archive of Drupal 7 course I did some years ago, it’s still available at my slideshare account. Thus, nothing is lost, just browse the topic you were initially searching and landing at from the previous blog.

Why closing the blog

It was a natural thing to do, mainly because it was started with the idea of sharing general thoughts, i.e. no clear goal or focus from the start. (similar to this same blog here) When blogging is a random gig thingy, maintaining Drupal takes more time than actually blogging something meaningful.

This blog also has various topics, but Medium makes it easy to just focus on writing content when I feel like I have something to share, and it’s just easier and more pragmatic.


Out of my own pure curiosity, I exported the data I gathered for the time the blog was online. Here’s a reference:

The future

This same Medium blog is the present and the future. I like the content creation workflows, the easiness of use, and it’s cool to have the content close to other good content on the platform. For now, I don’t plan to focus on one topic or a narrow subject, but rather keep the writing for my own pleasure, sharing the current things that I personally find interesting.

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