another example of how ‘she’ might write

or things she thinks as she writes

luckily, the future is perfect.

2017.04.05- v 0.9 (ermmmmm…. I am so stupefyingly positive that this listing exercise will curdle my current words and maim my confidence in a petrifying experience of ridicule of the ones I have chosen and all those I neglected to mention or do not even yet know that I will reserve my right to write this in later and simply mark this spot for my future growth and edification. DMs and suggestions welcome in the meantime! Thanks.)

2017.04.05 v 1.0-meta [having taken a deep breath, copied-and-archived, then deleted, a beautiful, decisive, blank space and an obfuscated link now exist where there was once a humble of self-indulgent fear]

2017.04.05 v 0.9.1 (omission is an act of kindness.)