Myself, Kalinga Keshari Rath, The Huge FAN of Shri Shri Thakur. Today is 14th September, we are very grateful that Anukul Chakroborty was born in this day.He is saviour & he spread God’s teachings .He came to rescue us from all sort of troubles in this world.He is considered as the incarnation of God or Purusottam (divine man).

Birth & Early Life : Anukul Chakroborty as born in Pabna district of Bangladesh in 14 September 1888.His father was Sri Sivachandra Chakravarty (Shandilya Gotra Kanyakubja Brahmin) and his mother was Manomohini Devi. Both his parents were extremely devotional.From early childhood, Anukulchandra…

There is an eternal urge in man to be attached to something in order to remain conscious about his own existence. Through this he feels distinct from others. When he is attached to someone, he does not only become conscious about himself but also enjoys him to whom he is attached. He wants to become like him and tries to assimilate his characteristics. Everything in the world tries to divert his mind and sever his bond of love. But this makes him all the more conscious of the fact that he is distinct from others. He begins to realize what he is what he aspires after. As our attachment deepens, the brain and nerves are so tuned as to provide stimulus to bodily organs to carry out those impulses that would fulfil the Love Lord appropriately and with great enthusiasm. This magnetic pull of love may be called `Surat’ or word current. This is the magnetic ex-pression of human existence. If a person is attached to someone, he normally keeps thinking about him. When his mind is absorbed in such thoughts, other things try to sidetrack and obsess him by enticing his complexes and thus try to shake off his attachment. Out of this conflict develops the power of discrimination the power to distinguish right from wrong. Thus one is able to discover what will fulfill the object of love. This gives one the awareness about those things and the knowledge what is favorable and propitious to his own existence and what is not. And the object of love leaves an indelible stamp on his brain as well. The more one develops one’s love for him, the more a person likes to absorb and enjoy him in unique ways. A person’s spontaneous love urge or attachments for someone unifies him with the name. The more one goes on repeating the holy name; stronger and steadier his urge becomes. As a result not only do the brain and nerves grow more and more sensitive but so do all the cells of the human organism as well. As the sensitivity of the system increases one is able to feel and enjoy the object of love all the more. The hunger for Name is thus automatically aroused.
These Holy Names are generally representative of or personifying the Ideal. And thus, the more our cells become sensitive and receptive, the more heat is generated in our system and gradually one hears the eternal sound that rolls in the bosom of the Beyond and one also perceives different lights and images, as for example, the words `aum’, `rang’, `hring’, and `kling’ etc.

And there are many varieties of sounds and images also. If anyone hears a sound and perceives an image in the course of this practice he is said to be the seer who has realized that particular sound or `mantra’. And as result of this repetition of the Holy Name and the loving contemplation about the seer of that `mantra’ one undergoes similar experiences. In the scriptures this is known as `Vija Mantra’ or root sound. For example, if repeat the word `aum’ and if I am attached to the seer who has realized that sound, he becomes the ideal…

Kalinga Keshari Rath

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