Zander: “Dad cusses sometimes”
Owen: “Yes but when he does it’s the bad ones”

This little exchange between my two sons triggered something in me. It was as if I had just had a shot of dopamine just go right through my body. I was left grinning. That little exchange got me thinking about Fatherhood and in particular about that title, “Dad”. It’s not just a job description or a new role. It actually replaces our given name. The one thing we’ve been called our entire life. But rather than be constricting it is liberating. We are no longer our old selves, we can reinvent ourselves or just be transported to a simpler time.

There isn’t an exact description of Dad. It covers a lot of ground, being a good cop to a bad cop, from a hero to a figure that is instills fear, from class clown to know-it-all.

And as Father’s we don’t care. We know that this title is earned, but once it is, it cannot be taken away. Partners, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends will come and go, but to be a Dad is to be for ever.

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