Let’s Talk Immigration
Nicolas H.

Good afternoon,

Very insightful article. I especially enjoyed the way you chose to highlight your different points. It’s interesting and beneficial for others and myself to know that the situation of “illegal immigration” is due to a misperception and not based on facts. For example you mentioned that the diversity of immigrants and the fact that most find work in agriculture and other jobs which require a lot of physical labor is an important fact because the intensity of these jobs can lead to bad health conditions in the future. And these healthy issues are not covered by the industries/companies/govt. since they are undocumented. Yet as you did state, these companies and govts are benefiting either way. I notice that this article focuses primarily on the “ugly solutions” and “failed solutions,” and wondering if there are places or industries which have taken it upon themselves to elevate some problems or issues immigrants are going through. As you know I am an optimist and would be interested in knowing this information and maybe their process of dealing with these issues could be duplicated.

Overall though, this article has great facts and breakdowns.

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