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This article and others like it do not address the fact the voters who needed to vote for Hillary Clinton failed to show up to vote.

I voted for Hillary Clinton, but she was uninspiring and groups like Black Lives Matter and the NAACP were not active in encouraging people to vote. She had the chance to pick Elizabeth Warren for the VP slot to compensate, counter Trump’s strength and galvanize a liberal base. The passion which propelled Trump to the nomination was a warning that was not embraced.

This is garbage excusing WI vote, I saw white people in long lines on election day in NC. I bet the FL vote could had been turned to Clinton if not for apathy. Apathy was the sole reason for losing PA, OH and probably MI.

Democrats got stomped on in 2014 and lost winnable congressional seats in this election due to apathy. Protesters have a chance to redeem themselves in 2 years with voter drives in the upper midwest and field candidates who inspire. Screw Colin Kaepernick and everyone who didn’t vote in states won by Obama in 2012 and lost by Clinton in 2016.

Shut the hell up about voter suppression, whatever occurred was not nearly enough to give Trump the election. Only thing that matters is VOTES!

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