According to our social expansion strategy, we want to invite you to our new Kalkulus Official Telegram group.

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We created the group with the purpose to provide to our community and all new investors another easy way to get updates about Kalkulus development progress and all initiative related to the project.

Through your active contribution to the life of the group you will have the opportunity to participate to all incentive campaigns specifically designed for all Telegram members.

TheHub is actually one of the most established hosting platform for cryptocurrency projects. Launched in July 2018 by Kalkulus Team, the hosting company recently faced massive changes: from legal incorporation as LTD to a complete graphical restyling, alongside several technical improvements that you can read here in detail.

With the new version of the platform, in addition to traditional masternode deployment and Staking V-Box service, TheHub main developer turinglabs added a new exciting feature which differentiate TheHub from all other competitors and act as unique selling point: COMAnodes.

What are Comanodes? COMA is the acronym of Clientless Onsite Masternode and…

After several months of hard work and mass project development, our team is proud to announce that the masternode hosting platform “The Hub” is now ready to enter a new phase…

All upcoming changes involve several aspects of the business: from the latest features and functionalities to new markets to share and explore.
Along with a small change in our legal terms and conditions, translating into a major independency move!

A few words about TheHub

TheHub is one of the first masternode deployment and hosting platforms on the market! Launched by Kalkulus Team in July 2018, the platform offers a…

To celebrate the release of a new version of TheHub, we are giving away 20,000 KLKS plus other prizes from

As widely announced in last weeks, the team behind TheHub is releasing a new version of the platform.
In order to give a proper and individual identity to the platform, TheHub has now launched its own Twitter account., has been specifically activated to release platform status information including any update regarding the integration of new digital assets.

TheHub 20K $KLKS Giveaway w/Human Action

In order to celebrate the upcoming and official launch of TheHub, planned for the next 20th of June 2019, and its connecting social media platform, we are partnering with Human Action for a HUGE giveaway!

4 (Four) winners will be randomly…

As part of our growth process and consolidation, we are excited to announce that Kevin Maloney joined Kalkulus Team.
He will work closely to our head developer turinglabs on all planned development tasks that we announced on our whitepaper, allowing us to reach all set targets in time, according with our roadmap..

Kevin (tooshameless#1337 on Discord) is an IT professional with 15+ years of experience covering everything from development to systems integrations. …

As already anticipated in a previous article, Kalkulus instituted a new Treasury Fund campaign that will start on April 15th 2019 and will run for 6 months, closing on October 15th 2019.

With the purpose of favour a substantial reduction of circulating supply, the team locked 200,000 $KLKS in a public staking address for 6 months.
The result of this campaign is not only to increase scarcity of circulating supply, but at same time the campaign will produce an amount of coins that will be allocated aiming for future development tasks. …

On the 1st of January 2019 we successfully completed the Kalkulus Treasury Fund, that was instituted in June of 2018 with the purpose of collecting and increasing available budget to allocate exclusively for development tasks.

Now we are already at work on setup and restart again a new “Kalkulus Treasury Fund”, with the same purpose of supporting and helping future projects growth and development.

All details about the first round where published on a previous article in May 2018:

Worth to explain a little bit about the previous campaign and which was the result: since the treasury fund was launched…

The 1st of March 2019 we released a first version of our white paper. The document explain the story of the project, his targets on the long period, all the milestones achieved, and introduce all futures developements that will take place during next months.


To release the document we choiced to use one of our first experimental dapps, KLKS-POE (Proof of Existence) https : //

The document is timestamped over the Kalkulus Blockchain at block 47075

As largely explained in our recent Medium article “December 2018 development update”, we recently launched KLKS-dAPI, a RESTful API system with symmetrical encryption and secret key that allow you to build dApps over Kalkulus Blockchain.

In order to verify and test the level of security of KLKS-dAPI and discover if there are potential vulnerability, we created a challenge that consist in finding the dAPI Secret: this will allow you to decrypt the private key of the Kalkulus address containing the collateral for run a Kalkulus Masternode: 20K KLKS.

Kalkulus dApps are ‘blockchain enabled’ websites, where the KLKS dAPI is what…

Recently Kalkulus passed his first year of life from the generation of Genesis Block (when first launched as KLK). From the first mined block, a lot of job was done and we are very happy to be still here despite a very difficult year for the whoole cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The bearish market discouraged a lot of dev teams from keep doing the job and develop new things. We are very happy that bearish conditions don’t killed us, we are here for technology and develop new products that make the Kalkulus blockchain usable for several purpose is our mission. The whole…

Kalkulus — Decentralized Digital Asset

$KLKS is a decentralized digital asset based on Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol and masternodes system network. ||

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