After several months of hard work and mass project development, our team is proud to announce that the masternode hosting platform “The Hub” is now ready to enter a new phase…

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All upcoming changes involve several aspects of the business: from the latest features and functionalities to new markets to share and explore.
Along with a small change in our legal terms and conditions, translating into a major independency move!

A few words about TheHub

TheHub is one of the first masternode deployment and hosting platforms on the market! Launched by Kalkulus Team in July 2018, the platform offers a wide range of solutions to stakers, masternodes holders and simple investors alike.
The platform was represented as a turnaround for Kalkulus as project and digital asset, because prominently provided a true, real and tangible used case.
With the big launch of a totally rebranded version (which will be public from 20th of June 2019), TheHub aims to increase, improve and widen the range and level of services offered, improving the overall user experience for all customers on the platform.

Incorporation of TheHub as private LTD company.

From the legal side, TheHub platform is now officially registered and incorporated in the UK as a private company: TheHub Corp LTD.

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The incorporation does not only give to the platform a true organizational structure but also increases the credibility around the business and entrepreneurs who own the company.
This new launch is set to see The Hub reach potential new partners and investors and grow in potential worth within the next year.

Technical improvements

The look of the platform including the graphics layout interface and the disposition of the main services have all been completely renewed and redesigned to enhance ease of use for the customer.
Other technical improvements include a more logical way of disposing of all commands for management of instances and services, therefore resulting in a clearer and cleaner interface.

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Main page of TheHub V2

On the mainpage, users can find a custom widget, developed by one of our devs Kevin (tooshameless#1337 on Discord)using API of, acting as internal exchange.
Now it will be possible to buy $KLKS directly from inside TheHub with $BTC, $LTC and $ETH.

From the point of view of performance, the platform will provide very fast server response time and almost no latency on queries, thanks to a the backend being totally rewritten from our development team using Vue.js and Laravel.

More instances

The platform now has two different sections: “Servers” and “Services”.
After the activation of each server, users can activate inside servers for up to 3 different services, for example, masternodes, Staking Box and COMA Nodes.
The only limitation is that services deployed inside each server have to be from different blockchains.

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In order to favour and preserve decentralization, when users launch a new service (Masternode, Staking V-Box , COMAnodes), the system automatically choose the location where to deploy server, distributing the nodes in a dynamic geographical position and number of activations in that area.
When users launch a new server (for TheHub or general purpose) they can choose for manual or dynamic location of the server.

Developer mode, dApps hosting and new services are also now available!

During the last month, there was a massive growth in platforms offering masternode hosting services. Due to the market saturation, it has become vital for us to explore new businesses and markets, to ensure as a company, we stay at the top of our game!
The launch of TheHub now offers to our customers an higher level of customization for their choosen servers, through the new “Developer mode” feature.
Thanks to this new feature, both developers and users with enough technical skill, can now not only develop their own masternodes, but can even enter inside their VPS and configure servers, according to their own specific needs; this mode will be enabled through some simple steps.

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From the side of dApp hosting, the ecosystem and the general interest are growing in an exponential way. With some big players working as centralized entities for running decentralized applications, TheHub aims to mitigate this problem offering a decentralized node infrastructure to dApp developers who need node services and pay a fee with most accepted cryptocurrencies.

COMAnodes: controlling masternodes without client, also from mobile.

COMA is the acronym of Clientless Onsite Masternode and is a cloud full node hosting system, hybrid with Staking V-Box, that allows the users to go through the process of masternode deployment in a clientless way, directly from inside The Hub! We are proud to be the first of our kind, offering this kind of advanced feature in the panorama of the hosting masternodes platform.

Through the new and exciting COMAnodes feature, we have not only solved the problem of needing a desktop wallet from where to control your masternodes but we will now begin to offer the option to deploy masternodes for their preferred coin, from any place in the world and through their mobile phone!

All customers will need is the requested amount of coins, that in future can be bought directly from inside TheHub.
Security of collateral, as has already happened in Staking V-Box, is protected by features such personal passphrase encryption, private key export and a wallet dump option, all guaranting access to collateral at any time and for a high level of security, a last level of protection is provided by 2FA.

Techincal details about COMAnodes are available now on our Kalkulus Whitepaper

Internal payment system

With the new payment gateway, things will now be more simple! We have chosen to remove the KLKS internal webwallet, allowing us to manage easily the billing system and the user, to clearly understand and keep track of any deposit, billing or payment completed.

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Every user can deposit choosing between different accepted cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin $BTC, Kalkulus $KLKS, Binance $BNB, Komodo $KMD, Pirate $ARRR, Deviant $DEV, Solaris $XLR.

After any deposit, the balance will be automatically updated and converted in USD.

This means that you will be able to pay the deposit desired amount simply by sending any accepted cryptocurrency to a deposited address, and your balance will reflect the amount deposited with the equivalent amount in USD.
Users will be billed for the sum of total active services and not per single service as was previously.

New Twitter account — New web domain

Until today, the domain for the platform was basically a subdomain of Kalkulus Official website.
In order to give a proper and individual identity to the platform, we decided to locate the patform to a new webdomain, separated from the main Kalkulus website — this will be activated at the launch date of 20th of June 2019.

This choice of migration to a unique identity includes also the twitter account. TheHub now has its own account and identity separate from the main Kalkulus twitter account.
The account, has been specifically activated to release platform service and status information including any update regarding the integration of new digital assets.
We recommend to follow the new account to stay tuned for any kind of info regarding the platform.

How to migrate to TheHub V2

To start the migration of the new version on to the platform, you will first notice this transition when logging in to your account.
The process is very simple and doesn’t require much time: as soon as the migration process will be available for your account, you will see this mesage on your dashboard.

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After clicking the button “Migrate Now”, the process will start immediately and require few seconds to transfer all your data and balance to TheHub V2.

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After a very short wait, a popup will appear in forming you that the migration process is successfully completed!
You simply need to check your e-mail (even your SPAM folder) and follow the link that force you to reset your password, a mandatory step to secure your account.

After setting your password, you will be redirected to the login and you will be able to access the new version of the platform, with all your old instances and servers under a total complete new graphical interface.

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You are invited to explore all the sections and new options of the platform, and feel free to contact us through the apposite “Support” tool available on the platform. Any feedback is appreciated and will help us to improve the service.

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We are sure that dedication and hard work of the whole team of last months, together with your support, can lead the project to bigger achievements in the years to come.
For any inquiries, you can contact us on or join Discord

Thank you to all in advance for taking our company to great heights of success.

TheHub Corp LTD

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$KLKS is a decentralized digital asset based on Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol and masternodes system network. ||

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