Advice For Millennials Entering Their First Job
Gary Vaynerchuk

I think the best part of this article is where you state to be patient, that it takes time. I’m a millennial, and only through articles like this do I feel like there is some stigma behind millennials in the work space. I’ve done a lot of school, and I’ve always had a job. My biggest downfall was that I lived in a few countries and didn’t get the chance to put down roots, but I am now. 
I agree with some of the comments that your advice should be for everyone, not just millennials. Some of the reality is, there aren’t that many roles, and it’s a lot more popular to take on contractors and freelancers (in certain fields) because the companies themselves (mainly startups) can’t commit to the long term contract. “Millennials” aren’t flighty, they can’t seem to get anything permanent.

Taking time is the hardest advice to follow. We are products of instant gratification. We want a chance to prove ourselves and a piece of paper is the only thing we get to do that, whether it’s a diploma for a while, or a CV up until we get an interview. The stigma of entitlement may put us at a disadvantage, but really it’s the lack of roles, and how much we’ve seen people our age (or younger) succeed as entrepreneurs and become their own bosses.

All that said, this is just circumstance. We are also the generation of adaptation. We adapted to high speed internet, so many technology changes, to our degrees being almost obsolete by the time we’ve graduated, to just one degree not being enough, and I could go on… but yet we’re still here. I wouldn’t recommend “sticking it to them”, never take for granted, 18 months is not enough, there is no amount that is enough, let your work speak for itself. Don’t hold onto the anger of your circumstance, because you can make your own, it just takes time…