Why is InstaShift.io the easiest way to buy/sell crypto?

Kallidil Kalidasan
Mar 26, 2018 · 2 min read

As a crypto trader who played arbitrage most of the time, everything went incredibly smooth for me; except one thing — the exchange. They were either slow in processing my account verification or delaying my fiat currency deposits and withdrawals, all of which were critical to executing a perfect arbitrage. When banks strangled them of API access; I had to pay up to 2.5% payment gateway charges on fiat deposits and sometimes on withdrawals too. My father, who traded stocks with a broker on the phone, wanted to buy crypto too but found it was really complicated for him to use a traditional exchange - signing up, verifications, fiat deposits and the buy/sell ladder.

The InstaShift Vision

InstaShift.io is the easiest way to buy/sell crypto. It enables users to easily buy & sell crypto in a unique multi-party peer to peer model at the best rates with the minimum hassle and a simple, intuitive, OTC experience.

No Fiat ever comes into InstaShift and thus lowers regulatory risk towards KYC and other constraints. Our target group isn’t professional day traders but novice investors who are putting in small amounts periodically and do not have time to do multiple steps (Create Account, Offline Approval, Offline Deposit, Trade) or understand nuances of an exchange.

At a Glance

  • InstaShift.io provides an exchange like experience without having Fiat go through it. Peers exchange Fiat and while Crypto flows through the system in between peers. A buyer’s needs may be fulfilled by multiple sellers and vice versa.
  • InstaShift maintains the sellers crypto in escrow thus providing buyers & sellers with the required trust in the transaction along with providing a dispute handling process for Fiat transfers.
  • Sellers & Buyers get the best floating rates at the time of a match rather than classified style fixed price posts.
  • We do not commit rates at order submission time. Each transfer match utilizes the rate at the time of the ‘taker’ initiating the request. InstaShift has its own benchmark rate which is related to other exchanges in the currency pair.
  • Buyers need not have an existing coin wallet. By default, we offer them a virtual wallet (which isn’t on the blockchain — much like all exchanges).

In effect; InstaShift.io is built to be the easiest way to buy/sell crypto!

Try it out and let us know your feedback on the official InstaShift Telegram group or at support@instashift.io

PS: We have a early user bounty program too if you start trading now!

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