“Page by page, this is how we go on.”

There were many obstacles that were overcome throughout The Book Thief. It wasn’t easy to overcome the adversity some of the characters had according to the life they grew up in. Some of the characters had to deal with the death of family members, parents being sick, and even parents just leaving their children. The adversity comes from being left behind and having to be sent to foster families not knowing anything about them.

Characters were crossed with obstacles and adversity that our generation should never have to face. The main character, Liesel, struggled with learning how to read as she lived in Nazi Germany. As she was sent to her foster family, she began finding and stealing books as they crossed her path. The Hubermans, foster family, taught Liesel to read after she was humiliated from trying to read from her class. Liesel’s obstacle came from humiliation as her classmates laughed at her when she read. In today’s society, children overcome adversity everyday from the cause of humiliation. Not only because children can’t read, but possibly because of the way they read. Therefore, we should help others overcome hardships to gain confidence and believe adversity can be overcame.

The adversity experiences were relatable to my own personal life throughout the story. In 2016, I became faced with a hardship that I thought I would never overcome. Softball season began and I tell you, so did the struggles. We began the season with 3 coaches and as the practices and games flew by, we were faced with the obstacle of a new coach in the middle of the season. Our head coach was no longer with us, but we still had our assistant coach. The assistant coach and I were never to fond of each other as we voiced our opinion clearly. This is where I had to overcome adversity to keep my leadership towards my team and hold back my opinion. It isn’t always a good idea to voice over the coach whether he/she is the head coach or assistant coach. The season continued to be rocky, but I decided to stand tall and overcome the obstacle with respect. The story’s characters overcame hardships in different ways as I overcame my hardship. If you overcome the obstacle you’re faced with, the adversity becomes equal for everyone.

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